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HCG Healthcare

Herzlich willkommen auf den Internetseiten der HCG Healthcare Beratungsgesellschaft mbH. Wir sind Spezialist im Bereich Dialyse / Nephrologie. Seit über 20 Jahren vertrauen unsere Kunden auf die Kombination aus dem unabhängigen Vertrieb von Qualitätsprodukten sowie einem fundierten Beratungsansatz.


Hermetex is a renowned Austrian company that manufactures medical grade face masks, it lays great emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction, all of its products are produced under strict conditions and constant quality controls. For decades, its production facility has been using the highest standards and quality guidelines in the textile sector. Its focus on product development ensures customer expectations are met.

AZ Vesalius

The General Hospital Vesalius stands for high-quality care and safety for patients on two campuses: Tongeren and Bilzen. az Vesalius has a referral area of more than 100,000 inhabitants and has the services of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Maternity, Paediatrics, Neonatology, a recognized MUG and specialized emergency department, a rehabilitation department, a palliative unit, surgical and internal day hospitals and an extensive outpatient clinic. More than 130 doctors and 800 staff members are available every day for high-quality and patient-friendly medical care at our two campuses. az Vesalius is a professional regional hospital where “ care with a human face ” is the leitmotiv of all employees. By the way, we do not only want to put our motto into practice for our patients, but for all the people we come into contact with on a daily basis, such as colleagues, visitors, suppliers and service providers.

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